The Pearl in the Darkness by Santana Saunders

As provided to me IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE POWERFUL 2020 DEBUT NOVEL FROM SANTANA SAUNDERS “ We went too far. Father is mad. No one make a sound…” Filled with the suspense and lyrical writing that draws readers to  The Stand  by Stephen King, a witty humor in the tradition of Andy Weir,  The Martian , and a fierce female lead for fans of  The Hunger Games  by Suzanne Collins. In a not-so-distant future, recurring acts of terrorism lead to the abolishment of all religion. Believers taking a stand against the ruling are placed in institutions. All existing Bibles, Qurans. and Vedas are destroyed—or so they thought. Leora Smith, a witty, thirty-year-old medical transcriptionist, lives a quiet life due to a debilitating disorder and unwavering faith that must be kept hidden. Her world is turned upside down when a celestial being informs her of the forthcoming apocalypse and assigns her to recruit experts imperative to the subsistence of the society that will remain when the dust settles. Ea

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