Generation Manifestation by Steven Bereznai

About the Book

In a ravaged futuristic world, superhumans, known as Supergenics, rule over DNA regulars, known as dregs. Supergenics live in glory while dregs toil away at the bottom of society. Because some dregs can give birth to Supergenic offspring, dreg children are put through rigorous testing to prompt them to Manifest powers. Those who Manifest are taken into the ranks of the Supergenics. This is Caitlin Feral's dream. Yet if she doesn't Manifest by her final Testing Day, which is already upon her, her hopes of a bright future away from the poverty of the boroughs are as good as lost. When chilling secrets come to light, however, she's forced to make life-altering decisions that come with consequences she may not be able to face.  
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My Review


(Disclaimer: I received a free digital review copy of this book from the author through Edelweiss+. All opinions in this review are my own and are honest and unbiased.)

Generation Manifestation by Steven Bereznai was a stimulating, action-packed Young Adult dystopian tale with an empowering heroine and a twisty plot that kept me guessing. Steven Bereznai managed to keep the story flowing at a breakneck pace while still immersing me in Caitlin's fascinating yet disturbing world. It was refreshing to read a Young Adult novel with clean romance that wasn't overbearing. While I didn't always agree with Caitlin's decisions, I loved her strength and identified with many of her core struggles. She had a phenomenal character arc. In fact, all of the characters were well-crafted, but one, in particular, stole my heart . . . and broke it. The fact that comic books played a major part in the story was especially endearing. I can see this novel appealing to a wide audience, including other comic book fans and those seeking a neurodivergent- and LGBTQ-positive read. I would have liked more closure before the end, but all in all, Generation Manifestation was a powerful, heart-racing start to the Gen M series.


About the Author

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