I started out using a four star rating system with half stars, but there are no half star symbols and I found the system to be confusing. Because I feel the four star rating system of the book club I belong to is somewhat constraining, I've decided to use a five star system on this blog. To put this in perspective with the four star rating system I use through the book club (if you click on the links to said book club I provided in my "More Reviews" section), then just cut out the three star rating here and the other ratings match up.

5 Stars: Excellent. There were no or very few errors in the text. If there were more than a few errors, they were very minor and uncomplicated/easily overlooked. (See Term 2 of my review policy.) I loved the story and the characters were great, etc. Books with this rating down to 3 stars give me hope for the future.

4 stars: Great. There may have been more than a few errors but they mostly didn't throw me off track or there were some minor aspects of the story that could be improved. The review will explain. I still loved the story and recommend it.

3 stars: Good. There were some errors that threw me off track, but they weren't so bad as to ruin the story for me. Also, there may have been some things in the story itself that could have been better, but it was still enjoyable. It has a lot of potential, it just needs some work.

2 stars: Okay. There were many errors and I had a hard time focusing on the story because of them. The characters or other story elements may not have grabbed my attention, but there was still some aspect I found worthy of my time. I might have considered not completing the assignment. Needs work.

1 star: Bad. There were many highly disruptive errors. The characters or other story elements didn't get it for me. There may have been something that kept me reading, but I lost hope that the story would get better at some point. I strongly considered not completing the assignment and finished the entire work under physical pain.