Shared Madness by Rick Moskovitz

About the Book

Psychiatrist Zack Tripler never imagined he could succumb to the delusions of his patients, yet everything changes after he meets Youssef al Saud. Youssef believes he’s stumbled upon a terrorist conspiracy via encrypted messages found on his laptop. He’s convinced that he and his family are now in peril. Soon after Zack starts treating him, Youssef is found dead. It could be suicide, or it could be murder. Perhaps the messages on his computer truly did reveal a terrorist plot. Zack and Youssef’s widow, Jamilah, are determined to uncover the truth, but it isn’t long before Zack begins experiencing symptoms similar to those Youssef suffered. Everywhere he turns, he sees Youssef, and the closer he gets to Jamilah, the more he questions her innocence in Youssef’s death. In Shared Madness by Rick Moskovitz, reality and delusion blur together until only one thing is clear to Zack: He’s in terrible danger.

My Review


Reviewed by Kayla Cook for Readers’ Favorite

(Disclaimer: I received small monetary compensation from Readers' Favorite and a free audiobook version of this work in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.)

Rick Moskovitz held me rapt from the beginning of Shared Madness. As a psychiatrist himself, Moskovitz was able to add authenticity to this work. All of the characters were fascinating, but Zack was especially sympathetic. Because Shared Madness was told solely from Zack’s perspective, I couldn’t determine what in the novel was real and what wasn’t, which made the story even more riveting. The descriptions were phenomenal, and the complex plot was expertly crafted with just the right balance of suspense and action. This story kept me guessing, leading me down a path that held one twist after another.

Joe Smith, who has twenty-five years of acting and writing experience, provided an incredible performance in this audiobook. He truly helped bring the entire cast of characters and the story as a whole to life. There were times when I forgot he was the only narrator because he skillfully changed his accent to suit each character. Throughout the work, he knew exactly what syllables to stress and what intonations to use to make the experience all the more enthralling. The sound quality was also very good, making him even easier to understand. Shared Madness by Rick Moskovitz was a gripping, superbly crafted psychological thriller with a captivating narration by Joe Smith.