Reckless Rhonda's Adventure in the Rickety Rainforest by Nicky Gaymer-Jones

About the Book

Rhonda is a brave and resilient young girl with a knack for exploring. One day, she decides to explore the Rickety Rainforest and meets tons of new animal friends along the way. Children will love to join Rhonda on her romp and are sure to be enthralled by her adventure. In Reckless Rhonda's Adventure in the Rickety Rainforest, Nicky Gaymer-Jones combines fantastic alliteration with colorful and entertaining illustrations by Kaelin Twede to create an effective tool to help children improve their speech and reading skills.


My Review


(Disclaimer: The author both paid me for my time and provided me with a free digital copy of their book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All opinions expressed within this review are my own.)

I would have loved to have had this book when I was younger; it would have been so helpful in getting me used to pronouncing words with “r” in them. I loved how this story encouraged children to be respectful toward their parents, especially when leaving the house. Rhonda was a very likeable, relatable character, and I found it especially interesting that this story came with the added activity of trying to spot a frog on every page. Reckless Rhonda's Adventure in the Rickety Rainforest  is the second book in Nicky-Gaymer Jones's K-6 series and is a masterpiece that’s perfect for children.

About the Author

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