Charlie's Cheeky Chickens by Nicky Gaymer-Jones

About the Book

Charlie lives on a farm and loves watching his chickens as he feeds them. Little does he know, those chickens are out to play a prank on him! When he leaves for a while to visit an orchard, he tells his chickens that they must be on their best behavior, but those ornery chickens get into all sorts of hilarious trouble. Charlie's Cheeky Chickens is the third book in Nicky Gaymer-Jones's alliterative K-6 children’s book series and it is an amusing story designed to hone children’s speech and reading skills.


My Review


(Disclaimer: The author both paid me for my time and provided me with a free digital copy of their book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All opinions expressed within this review are my own.)

Charlie's Cheeky Chickens is sure to delight those who read it—young and old. As with the previous books in the series, Charlie's Cheeky Chickens was well-edited and had wonderful illustrations by Kaelin Twede. I enjoyed the moral of the story and how Charlie eventually dealt with his adorable chickens. This addition to the series focused on the letter “c,” and it's a great tool to help children not only appreciate alliteration but build their speech and reading skills. Alliteration has never been so fun!

About the Author

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