What I Tell Myself About Talent by Michael Brown

About the Book

All children have talents of their own and What I Tell Myself About Talent by Michael Brown encourages caregivers to help their children find those talents. This eye-catching installment in the What I Tell Myself series—a series geared toward empowering and inspiring children as well as their parents and caregivers—promotes the exploration of a child’s talents through everyday things the child likes to do. By fostering such talents, caregivers can help children find their place in life and form healthy relationships with others and themselves. What I Tell Myself About Talent inspires children to try new things, learn from failures, and not only find their talents, but celebrate their uniqueness.


My Review


Reviewed by Kayla Cook for Readers’ Favorite 

(Disclaimer: I received small monetary compensation from Readers' Favorite and a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.)

What I Tell Myself About Talent is a motivational book that will be easy for young children to follow along with. I think this book would be best read with a parent or other responsible caregiver present. Having the child read the book aloud in this way can help enforce the positive messages the author communicates. What I Tell Myself About Talent is inclusive of multiple races, a fact I loved. It also gives disabled children representation, which is excellent because it promotes the fact that children with disabilities also have a lot to bring to the table. What I Tell Myself About Talent conveys helpful and meaningful messages that boost confidence and help lay a framework for future success. The story is well edited with engaging, relevant illustrations and fun, attention-grabbing fonts that children are sure to love.



  1. I must say the reviews that you post seem very genuine. Good work lady!Keep posting. here

    1. Thank you! Your encouragement is greatly appreciated! I love the story that you link to. It has a great moral. I hope to read more from you!


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