Slightly Twisted Tales by B.L. Higgins

About the Book

In a quiet, unassuming home lurks a cat that isn’t quite what it seems. In the city, murderers roam, some haunted by the souls of their victims, others stalked by more dangerous predators. A bus ride home becomes a journey of awakening. The seemingly harmless act of cutting into a funeral procession has unexpected consequences. In Slightly Twisted Tales by B.L. Higgins, nothing is as it seems, and even a simple carnival ride can forever change someone’s fate. Slightly Twisted Tales is a collection of short stories that combines elements of the supernatural and the macabre with the mundane. When I selected this book, I was hooked by the promise of the "bizarre." What I got wasn’t quite what I had expected—it was better. B.L. Higgins took me on a wild ride through her limitless imagination and when it was over, I was in awe.


My Review


Reviewed by Kayla Cook for Readers’ Favorite

(Disclaimer: I received small monetary compensation from Readers' Favorite and a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.)

Short stories have always fascinated me because of how much skill a writer needs to successfully craft them, and B.L. Higgins has that skill in spades. Each expertly crafted story grabbed my attention with unique premises, fascinating characters, and enthralling (and often outlandish and unexpected) situations. The author explains her inspiration in a short blurb at the beginning of each story, and I found this enlightening and engaging. Reading Slightly Twisted Tales, there were many times that I laughed out loud, other times that I wanted to cry, and even a couple times that I couldn’t help but cheer. In all, this was an exciting read that reminded me of the Twilight Zone. If you’re looking for short stories that will catch you unaware and stick with you well after you finish reading them, you won’t want to miss Slightly Twisted Tales by B.L. Higgins.