Dreams of Justice by Allison Maruska

About the Book

Every night, Sonia James dreams of her death. Every morning, she wakes in agony from the fatal wounds inflicted in her dreams. Eventually, she starts to wonder if the dreams are more than they seem. Despite her skepticism, a friend convinces her to see a psychologist specializing in dreams, and from there, Sonia starts to entertain the idea that maybe the dreams are actually memories of a real murder. Desperate for the dreams to stop, Sonia lets them guide her from New York to London, where she discovers a forty-year-old cold case involving the same murder she suffers in her dreams. In order to sate the newfound voice in her head that demands justice and end the nightmares, Sonia must track down the killer with help from unexpected sources. Will she find the culprit and survive, or will she meet the same fate she faces each night in her dreams? Dreams of Justice by Allison Maruska is a gripping paranormal mystery that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.


My Review


Reviewed by Kayla Cook for Readers’ Favorite

(Disclaimer: I received small monetary compensation from Readers' Favorite and a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.)

Allison Maruska grabbed my attention early on in the story and didn’t let go until the end. Dreams of Justice starts out somewhat slow, but because those beginning chapters were written well and were necessary for the development of the characters and the plot, I didn’t mind one bit. I got to know the main characters and became invested in their plight before the adventure really began, which gave me something to root for later. I loved how, despite having paranormal elements, the characters were limited in their knowledge of the killer, which kept me guessing and hoping. Allison Maruska hit the nail on the head when it comes to narcissistic abusers. All the characters jumped off the page, but Maruska’s antagonist was unnervingly realistic. Those who are sensitive to themes of domestic abuse may be disturbed by certain scenes, but I didn’t find this work to be too graphic. Allison Maruska's Dreams of Justice is a perfect blend of suspense and paranormal fiction that will enthrall fans of both genres.