Good Moms Don't: Lies, Truths and How to Conquer Mom Guilt by Alysia Lyons

About the Book

Good Moms Don't: Lies, Truths and How to Conquer Mom Guilt by Alysia Lyons is a self-help book designed to assist moms in facing and overcoming the guilt that so often plagues their lives. Drawing from her own experiences and from interviews with other moms, Alysia not only explores several common misconceptions about motherhood that often lead to feelings of shame, but she also provides arguments against those misconceptions and exercises for overcoming that guilt.

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My Review


(Disclaimer: The author both paid me for my time and provided me with a free digital copy of their book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All opinions expressed within this review are my own.)

What I loved most about this book was the personal, conversational tone. Alysia let her readers know right off the bat that they aren't alone. Her honesty about the doubts and trials she's faced helped drive each point home, and the detailed descriptions of how she overcame her troubles testified to the effectiveness of the tools she encouraged others to implement. Reading this was a very personal experience because it was like having a private conversation with a friend. There was no judgement, and readers were encouraged to find the root of their guilt and heal at their own pace.

I also liked how this work was organized. Focusing each chapter on a specific topic gave the reader a sense of taking one step at a time, keeping them from becoming overwhelmed. One could skip right to certain chapters depending on their particular concerns, but I wouldn't recommend hopping around on the first read. Throughout the work, the author referenced certain points she made in previous chapters, which might confuse someone who's skipping around. The book was so short that it didn't take long to complete, anyway. Furthermore, there were so many great tips in each chapter that readers would get the most from this resource by reading the whole book.

There were a few speed bumps, including awkwardly worded sentences, but readers who aren't picky about grammar likely won't be disturbed. For the most part, it was well-written with an engaging voice and a comprehensive style. There was some self-promotion (the author also works as a life coach) but it wasn’t overbearing or disruptive.

In conclusion, I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. The one star deduction was made only for the errors I found. While this work was geared toward mothers, others who are burdened with guilt (or who have family or friends who are) will likely find wisdom in its pages, too. In all, this was a very insightful book and I'm glad I gave it a shot.