Book Services Directory Disclaimers and Info for Authors and Contributors

Disclaimer for all:  

My Book Services Directory is a resource I created for authors' convenience, but in no way do I endorse any site other than my own, and in no way do I guarantee anyone's satisfaction with any service. To my knowledge, all links in my directory are safe (I tested them all myself before adding them) but everyone still must proceed at their own risk and it's recommended that visitors to sites read the privacy policies and terms of those sites. I'm not liable for any problems anyone encounters through third-party sites. I reserve the right to remove whatever links I choose for whatever reason. If you'd like to create your own directory, please remember to ask the permission of each service before adding their link to it.


Important information for authors:  

Be aware that you still need to do your own research to make sure the person/service you select is truly legitimate, is a good fit for your work, and is accepting submissions. Please read and follow the guidelines/policies of the services that interest you before you query, and if any of the services state that they aren't accepting submissions/requests, please respect that and only query if they state they're still open to authors contacting them. It's also a good idea to peruse sites before querying. For example, when it comes to reviewers, read a few reviews from their sites to make sure you like the reviewers' writing and review styles.


Important information for contributors: 

I define "contributors" as those who allow me to add their links to this list. Be aware that others may share the link to my directory on their sites or social media. My directory is public. I asked permission to share all the links that are on my directory, but if you want me to take the link to your site down for any reason, please let me know and I'll remove it ASAP.  If you'd like me to add you but you aren't taking on submissions at this time, you can let me know and I'll add a note next to your entry so authors are aware that you're closed. If you feel I've misrepresented your service by placing it under the wrong heading, etc., I apologize. Just contact me so we can sort it out, and I'll move your listing to its proper place or change the description beside it.