Book Review Services

Services that directly provide book reviews or that locate reviewers and collect reviews for you. Book tour/blog tour services are provided at this link as a subcategory but may offer more than reviews.

Note for reviewers: Services with a * next to them are (or were) open to taking on new reviewers, so reviewers who are looking to join new services can check into them.

4 Hearts Proofing and Editing Services
Aardvarkian Book Reviews 
Audiobookworm Reviews*
Bedside Book Review (not currently accepting review requests)

Broken Geek Designs
FanFiAddict (not currently accepting review requests)*
Henry Roi PR*
Lola's Blog Tours**
The Picky Bookworm (not currently accepting review requests)
Power Librarian
Readers' Favorite*
Read To Ramble (accepting pitches but waiting list may apply)
RLWood.Rocks Book Reviews & More*
The Romance Bloke
Rosie Amber/Rosie's Book Review Team*